Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Night at the Dome

This falls under that broad category of summer excursions for all of the suburbanites out there. I realize that it is July already and this is only our first Twins game of the season. Pitiful I know! I chalk it up to the economy. Let me tell you that it is not cheap for a family of 5 to take in a Twins vs. Yankees game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. It did not help that the Yankees are considered a “premium” team which means they can jack up prices on EVERYTHING, and they did. This is why we only venture to the Dome a couple of times a year but it was money well spent for an enjoyable family night out.
The bulk of our spending money easily went toward food. We arrived early for batting practice, but were extra early and the gates had not yet opened. So what to do? Eat. We started off with corn dogs and deep-fried cheese curds at the food tents outside of the Dome. A beer thrown in as well. An hour of watching batting practice and catching a foul ball off the bat of Yankee 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez worked up our appetites. So more food. Brats and “Dome Dogs”. More beer, a glass of wine, some lemonades. Do you see what I mean about the money slipping away?
Once the game started the vendors came out carrying food and drink up and down the steps. Our seats were right on the aisle. My Jack Jack wanted everything that passed by. He didn’t care about the game. It was all about getting more snacks. 
Unfortunately the game was very, very slow with minimal outfield action which resulted in boredom and the need for more food. M&Ms, a burrito, peanuts, Cokes. We did draw the line at cotton candy and snow cones. I did get a good chance to work off all of that food with at least 10 trips up and down the stairs to the bathrooms with various kids. Too bad the Twins lost 10-2.
Next time, we will eat before we arrive at the Dome.
A brief side note here . . . I grew up listening to the Milwaukee Brewers on the radio and maybe once a year taking a road trip to County Stadium in Milwaukee to watch the Brewers. I remember sitting out in the bleachers with many a drunken Brewer fan hoping that the Brewers would hit a home run and someone would get to slide down into the massive mug of beer in the outfield! Now those were the days!

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