Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back-To-School Blues

I have a feeling that I am not the only Mom out there counting down the days until the kids return to school. The boredom of the long summer days has set in now that it is August. The random arguments and fights between siblings has escalated as well. I believe it is time to return to school. 
Now I realize that some of you are fortunate enough to have an abundance of patience and knowledge to homeschool your kids. I commend and highly respect your decision. As for me, entering the 10th week of our 14-week long summer holiday from our public school, I give up. Mrs. Incredible is ready to hand them off to their teachers for 8 hours a day. Teachers, are you ready? Readers, please tell me that I’m not alone in my desperation to get my children back onto an organized Fall schedule. 
We have started already . . .  the back-to-school shopping trips. All three kids have grown at least one size over the summer which makes most wardrobe items obsolete. I have not really tackled the boy’s clothing issues but have gotten a jump start on my daughter’s wardrobe. Such a start that we are nearly finished!
This year we ventured to The Mall of America (MOA), otherwise known as The GREAT Mall due to the abundance of stores. As you may know from personal experience, MOA has nearly every store imaginable but we still had trouble finding the right clothes for a slender 12-year old girl. 
H&M was a hit for all three kids. Cheap, trendy, and the clothes wear really well. Nordstroms for jeans and shoes. Aeropostale for T-shirts and sweaters. We found Urban Outfitters way overpriced for the cheaply constructed clothes adorning the store. In an effort to find a denim skirt that would fit my skinny girl, we mistakenly ventured into Justice. It was a flashback to 1984 complete with neon leggings, zebra striped high-tops, and Flashdance inspired sweatshirts. Scary! My daughter can blame me but I refuse to enter Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. The stench of the perfume at the door is enough to keep me away. Is that intentional to keep the parents out of the store? I wonder.
Now all I have left is the boys and all of the school supplies. Best of luck to all of you other back-to-school shoppers. Maybe you will join me in wishing you had bought stock in Target a decade ago. Only 33 more days and counting . . .

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