Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Japanese Favorites

Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with surviving suburbia. It falls under escaping suburbia. My recent, and really quite unexpected, travels to Japan over the past few years have yielded a few favorite encounters from a culture I never thought I’d explore and experience. Here is my short list of discoveries:
  •  Zen gardens and Shinto shrines in the middle of Tokyo.
  •  Old ladies in kimonos with their hair dyed pink, purple, or blue tottering around on their wedges.
  •  The heated and musical Japanese toilets.
  •  Little bows.
  •  Eating the closest duplication of my Grandmother’s homemade raised sugar doughnuts at the New Otani Hotel. How did they get her recipe?
  •  Japanese maples dripping leaves into ponds filled with Koi.
  •  The beauty and serenity of Kyoto.
  •  The crazy music and bells and whistles that play in the subways when the doors of a train are closing.
  •  Vending machines selling cans of hot coffee and tea on all of the street corners.
  •  Feeling like a blonde goddess in high heels and a bright pink coat as I towered over the masses of Japanese clad in neutral black and khaki.
  •  Spotting Mt. Fuji from my hotel window on the morning of my departure from Japan.

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