Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Send in the Clown

Just when you thought your bad day couldn’t possibly get any worse, you get a phone call and learn that Al Franken has just become your US Senator. Can I just stumble out of bed and start this day all  over again?
But then I do live in Minnesota whose voters have already elected professional wrestler Jessie Ventura as Governor so it follows suit that a Saturday Night Live comedian would become a US Senator. What’s next for Minnesota politics? Bob Dylan for Governor in 2010?
I do give Norm Coleman credit for staying in the recount this long and conceding as a gentleman after today’s 5-0 State Supreme court decision.  He is handling this loss with much more grace and eloquence than me. Overall I don’t think that these election results were correct given the odd way votes were counted throughout the state. If the election were held today, perhaps the results would be different. Maybe this experience  will give Minnesota a chance to revise its rules on uniform vote counting procedures in all precincts. Regardless of your political persuasion, you’re probably as relieved as I am that this recount is finally over.
As for the Minnesota Republicans, I’m not seeing anyone very exciting out on the horizon. I’m looking for someone to root for who stands up for what I believe. That person certainly is not Al Franken.
For more opinion on the Minnesota recount, take a look at this op-ed from today’s Wall Street Journal.

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