Friday, May 15, 2009

Laundry Day (and night, and the next day...)

If you’re like me, most days you feel like all that you ever do is the laundry. And more laundry. A truly tedious chore. Luckily I have my children to thank for livening up the laundry routine by never bothering to empty their pockets. I seem to find something new in there at least once a week. 
Today it sounded like there were rocks in the dryer. Sure enough. I found a good-sized chunk of quartz that someone had collected along with a bunch of stray pebbles from the baseball dugout. Nestled in with all of the fluff was the remnants of my daughter’s toe tape from her pointe ballet class where she must tape each toe. She has great difficulty locating a trash can and must just leave it in her tights.
I do consider myself a mother who is trying to teach her brood personal responsibility and the importance of cleaning up after themselves. But my pleas for emptying out their pockets fall on deaf ears.
Over the past couple of years, many a treasure and random odd object has ended up in the bottom of the washer or dryer. Here are some of my favorites.
Dried up, peanut butter sandwich crusts. The remnants of a child’s lunch shoved into their pants pocket made it all the way to the folding process before I found them.
Hair barrettes, dog treats, and golf tees. These seem to appear weekly. The hair clips and golf tees I can understand, but the poor dog is not getting his fair share of the treats!
An iPod Shuffle. My daughter was distraught, but she did learn a valuable lesson and never leaves it in her pocket anymore. We let it dry out for a few weeks, charged it up, and amazingly it still works perfectly. Although we did not have the same luck when she dropped her Nintendo DS into the toilet. Please don’t even ask how that one happened as I’ve never gotten a straight answer out of her.
Stuffed animals and Legos. You would think I would notice a stuffed animal heading into the washing machine but no. Those Webkinz don’t dry out very well either. As for the Legos, I think they are multiplying in my house as they turn up everywhere including in the laundry.
Diamonds. They must get banged around while I’m doing laundry and mysteriously end up in the bottom of the washing machine. I’m pleased to say that I have recovered each dislodged diamond.
Small bottle of Elmer’s Glue. Again I have no idea who left the glue in their pocket, but thank God the cap stayed on. My question is why was someone walking around with a bottle of glue in their pocket in the first place?!
Lots of money. Those bills come out of the dryer all nice and crisp. The coins are all shiny and new! My oldest son says it reminds him of the money washing shrine he visited in Kamakura, Japan. Not quite the same. I’ve started keeping any stray money I find as my tip.
As for the ironing, don’t ask as it just keeps growing in the basket on my closet floor.

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