Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yard Sale 101 (Part I)

Here in Minnesota the start of Spring means a few things: no more ice fishing, a brown landscape slowly replaced by green, people running around in shorts when it’s 40 outside, and garage sales! Having lived on the East Coast (where I had my last sale), I call them yard sales whereas here in Minnesota they are garage sales. Perhaps in Minnesota it’s colder and rainier so everything must be moved into the garage??! Anyway, I’m preparing for my sunny day yard sale that starts bright and early tomorrow morning.
Now, I’m not taking this very seriously as I’ve just started pulling stuff out into the garage to put outside tomorrow. I noticed over the weekend that the more serious and seasoned garage sale families already had tables set up and stuff loaded on top of them. Neatly I might add. They probably even have signs made up.
That did get me a bit motivated to sort through some bins and closets. While pricing my items, I turned on a DVD of old 80s videos and spent most of my time watching those instead. (How can you pass up vintage Tears for Fears, the Culture Club, and Duran Duran!) Then today I shored up the sprouting peony bushes, watered my pansies, helped out in the Kindergarten class, now I’m writing this article. You can see what I mean. This is not my thing.
Those of you who know me know that I detest yard sales. So why in the world is Elastigirl having a yard sale! Two reasons: first to reclaim the spare room in the basement that has become the graveyard for long forgotten toys. Secondly to buy flowers for my window boxes. It’s a tough economy but I love my flowers and won’t give them up.
So wish me luck. I’ll be filling you in on how my first Minnesota yard sale goes. Now how to hide all of the kid’s toys I’m selling before the decide they want to keep them . . .

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